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“In my early professional years I was asking the question: How can I treat, or cure, or change this person? Now I would phrase the question in this way: How can I provide a relationship which this person may use for his own personal growth?”

- Carl R. Rogers

Clinical supervision: 

I've been supervising therapists from multiple disciplines since 1995. The settings of my supervisory experience have included outpatient clinics, home based treatment teams, and live supervision both in front of and behind a two-way mirror. I have been so very fortunate to have watched the growth and evolution many talented clinicians over the course of my career; for this I am truly grateful. Supervision begins with our working to identify your professional goals, clinical style and areas of interest and desired skill acquisition. Not simply about technique, this process invites the clinician to explore how their own experiences and identities of race, ethnicity, social class, gender, gender identity and expectations, sexual orientation, physical abilities and other aspects of experience, have shaped and informed their personal and professional world-views. By consciously incorporating these aspects of awareness into your work a deeper sense of empathic connection to self and others, broadens the practice of individuals, couples and family psychotherapy.

Supervision for sex therapy certification:

Certification as a sex therapist through AASECT requires an intense course of study requiring a minimum of 160 hours of training in basic human sexuality, sexuality throughout the lifespan, sexual dysfunction, mental health, substance use and abuse, relationship dynamics, and gender identity and expression. In addition to course work, a certification candidate must also complete a minimum of 50 hours of sex therapy specific supervision, to occur over a period of no less than 18 months, and have accrued a minimum of 300 hours of sex therapy specific clinical experience. As an AASECT certified sex therapist and certified supervisor of sex therapy, as well as a clinical member of The Society for Sex Therapy and Research, I can assist you in reaching your goal of becoming a sex therapist.


Consultation, while similar in many ways to supervision, is a different process. Consultation, is more of a discussion between professionals, in which one clinician seeks a non-binding opinion or series of suggestions about their clinical work from a professional with expertise in specific areas of practice. Consultation is often sought when a clinician is considering the pros and cons of a clinical intervention, not experienced in an area of treatment, or in need of a differing perspective about how to proceed in their work. Furthermore, supervision is often an ongoing relationship, consultation may be periodic, ongoing, or a one-time discussion.